Riding her horse
Angelica is an Equestrian Lady from  the Victorian Era, around 1890.
She is riding on her favorite horse  "Esperanto"


3 She is dressed in a riding habit made of  green silk.

On the skirt a   border in black is hand embroidered.


The jacket a silk with black leather collar and pockets.
A gold pin decorates the collar.

 Under the jacket she wears a white blouse,  with a white scarf. A gold brooch  with a green Swarovski stone adorns the scarf.

Her riding hat is decorated with black silk tulle,  green/black feathers and a gold leaf.

Of course she is wearing leather riding boots.



This is what she loves doing most...
a long ride in the nature with her best friend,  her horse Esperanto.

Horse by Breyer.
Painted, tailed and maned by Annemarie.


She is a cast from my own hand made mold,   she is a One-of-a-Kind.