Annemarie is an Edwardian lady ready to go to the horse races on Ascot.

Her beautiful silk dress has 8 gores and has a high waistline. On the black and white striped hemline is a lace appliqué. The underbodice is of silk, covered with lace.


Her elaborate hat has silk peonies, handmade by me, black feather and black tulle.

Her parasol is off white silk, covered with black lace.


Around her shoulders she wears a black boa.

Fashionable in those day was a long gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant.

John Burbidge is the designer of this gown. He has designed many wonderful dresses. Click here for his website.

Voor "Annemarie" heb ik mijn eigen "Annemarie"hoofd/torso mal gebruikt.
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I  used my own "Annemarie" head/torso mold for "Annemarie".
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