Annette is my 2018 Special Edition Doll.
Every year I  create a special doll after New Year and offer her for sale through my mailing list and Facebook.

This year I have created Annette.
She is a porcelain cast from my brand new "Cornelia" mold, with a posable head!
I used the BJD stringing technique, so it will last.
She is painted with china paint in 6 layers to achieve her delicate look.
A true One of a Kind lady.
She measures 6,25 inches,  16 cm





After the wonderful New Years Masquerade Ball at the Venetian Palace , this lady has laid herself down on the sofa
for a  rest.  In her hand the Venetian Mask she wore during the dances with unknown masked gentlemen...

Her head is posable so you can change her pose and attitude.

Annette is dressed in a blue silk Baroque  gown, decorated with blue and brown silk ruffles.
Around her neck she wears a triple pearl necklace with a blue crystal,
same as her earrings. Her pearl bracelet has a light brown crystal.
Her big hair is adorned with pearls, a rose and feathers.
She wears silk brocade shoes with a gold buckle and leather soles.





The Venetian mask is handmade by me and comes with the doll.

The chair with stool is hand made by Carol Clarke from the UK .


Fully dressed in pantaloons and petticoat.
Her silk stockings have a gold detail.


The mask fits her face perfectly.




This Special Edition 2018 doll including Venetian Mask is RESERVED

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