Riding her horse
Brett is an Equestrian Lady from  the Victorian Era, around 1890.
She is riding on her favorite horse  "Dalia"


Brett She is dressed in a riding habit made of black and green silk.

On the skirt a  green border  of branches is hand embroidered.

The jacket has green accents, like the collar and sleeve-borders.
A gold pin decorates the collar.

 Under the jacket she wears a white blouse,  trimmed with lace. In the neck she wears a gold brooch  with a green Swarovski stone.

Her riding hat is decorated with black silk tulle,  green/black feathers and a gold leaf.

Of course she is wearing leather riding boots.



back side saddle

The saddle and bridle are  hand made,  all from leather.
All  buckles can open.

Horse by Breyer.
Tailed and maned by Annemarie.
All tack by Annemarie.


She is a cast from my own hand made mold,   she is a One-of-a-Kind.