The Countess



2  The Countess  lives in Transylvania, in a castle near the forest, where her wolves live.

She looks ordinary at first glance, but slayers will recognize her by the look in her eyes. She is hunting now, looking for prey and I think she spotted her target for tonight .

She will seduce her target with her charms and beauty, leaving them no chance. Only then will she show her fangs, just before the bite.

In the metal charm she keeps blood, in case the gets hungry and wants a snack.

    She is sculpted from polymer clay and painted with heat set oil paints. She has real eyelashes.
No molds used.



Her laced boots are made
of blood-red leather.


The Countess

" The Countess "  is a Special Edition Sculpture, made exclusively for the
" Masters of Immortality" Article by Deb Weissler of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, issue 29  September/October 2012

She will also be published in the January 2013 issue, where she will be shown in her new home...very spectaculair...don't miss it!


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