The two sisters are so happy; their mom has dressed them in
her gorgeous gowns, complete with hats, purses, necklaces and shoes,
to create the perfect Dress-Up party for them.
The romantic bedroom is a perfect setting for the girls toplay their fantasy.

They are having a ball !!


The youngest sister wears mommy's pink cocktail dress. It is made of silk and is edged with lace.
It is held together with a satin "belt".
She wears mommy's purple leather peep toe pumps, her "pearl" necklace  and her posh purse.
A summer hat holds the wedding veil in place.

The oldest sister wears mommy's wedding skirt, white silk with lace, held up with a satin bow.
She loves to swirl around in this skirt, holding the boa and gold necklace.
She wears mommys big hat, her hand bag and her red pumps to complete her fantasy.



They are sculpted from polymer clay, no molds used.

6 They are fully sculpted, painted with heat set oil paint to achieve their realistic features.
The tallest girl is 4,5 inches tall.

Their pretty shoes are made of leather.





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