It's spring 1896.
Edwina is walking in the park with her little daughter Maggie.

Maggie is a shy little four year old and Edwina is trying to get her to play with other little girls in the park.


Edwina wears a Spring Toilette made of silk.
Her tailored jacket has a fashionable large collar and gigot sleeves. The jacket is decorated with lace.

Her skirt and blouse are made of striped silk. The skirt has five gores, two of them made from the same silk as the jacket.

A gold brooch with a chrystal adorns her blouse.

 Maggie wears a silk dress with long sleeves. A bow decorates the collar.

Her tailored jacket has half sleeves. The collar is matching red silk.


Edwina wears a silk hat, decorated with feathers and lace.

Maggie has a straw hat, decorated with silk bows.

The hair is curled viscose.

 Edwina wears it swept up and Maggie wears it long with a ponytail at the back, held together with a silk bow.

Edwina is standing on a clear  acrylic dollstand.  Maggie stands without a dollstand.


They both wear short boots, made of leather.

Edwina is from a mold made by me.  She is a one-of-a-kind lady.
Maggie is made from a mold by Beverly Parker.