Emmy is a fine young lady from around 1810, the Regency era.

Dressed in a pretty silk dress with a silk voile overdress she is attending a party. 


She is a porcelain cast from my own hand made mold. Her features are painted with several layers of china paint.


She wears a pretty tiara in her hair, very fashionable for young ladies in those days.

Around her neck she wears a pretty faux pearl necklace with Swarovski stone, matching her ring.


2 shoes

She wears silk brocade shoes with leather soles under the cotton with lace bloomers and silk underskirt.

Her hair is styled in the fashionable coiffure in this era.






Her shawl is in a pretty light red color, matching the ribbon sash.
When she arrived at the party she wore the lovely hat with the same coloring.

commissioned doll


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