It's 1896 and this lovely young lady, Evelyn, is enjoying a nice cup of tea in the afternoon.

Dressed in a gorgeous silk brocade costume, she is visiting friends for the weekend. They have a lot to talk about and what is better than to have a good conversation over a nice cup of tea.

Evelyn is a cast from my hand made private mold. Six layers of china paint give her the look I was after.



Evelyn is wearing a gorgeous silk brocade gown, with a large cravat of lace draping the bust.

A  short coat with gigot sleeves  covers a double-breasted silk vest with a double row of buttons.

A lace edged cotton underskirt peeps under her skirt.


She wears pretty jewelry, like a brooch
with a Swarovski chrystal and pretty
ring and earrings.

Her shoes are silk with leather soles, decorated with a silk bow and gold metal accent.




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