Madame B.



front It is 1766 and Madame Bergeret  is posing for what will become a famous painting of
François Boucher.


This Rococo lady  wears a gorgeous white silk  "Shepherdess" gown, adorned with flowers and blue silk bows. 

She is a unique cast of my private hand made mold, painted with china paint.


Her hair is styled in the fashionable way: straight back and simple, decorated  with lots of flowers. 

On her wrist she wears a bracelet; a cameo with four strands of pearls.

Her straw hat is hand made, they call it a "Bergère Hat" , or a Shepherdess Hat.



She looks fabulous in the Rococo Room

On her white stockings roses are hand painted, like they used to have in those days. Her slippers are silk brocade, with leather soles.

Her underwear is appropriate for the period: cotton/lace skirt and panniers.



The original painting
(mirror image)






My version of Madame Bergeret.

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