Philippa is a lady from around 1896.
She is wearing a Paris Autumn Toilette.
Outside it might rain, so she has a matching parasol, just in case...

The gown is made from two-toned silk: gold/red
The revers and cuffs are red silk velvet.

Under the jacket she wears a bodice made
of silk and lace, completed with a large lace cravat.


Along the hems and revers the gown is decorated with lace in a matching tone.

Hundreds of tiny gold/red beads are decorating the edges of the dress.


She wears gold earrings with a red chrystal.

Her hat is from the same silk and also decorated with the beads.

I used my own "Annemarie" mold for this lady. This mold can be ordered here.

John Burbidge is the designer of this gown. He has designed many wonderful dresses. Click here for his website.