Rococo Room Box



This room was made by me. Just a wooden box  (ok, my husband helped me here) .
The room was then decorated, starting with the wallpaper ,  then the skirting and finally the detailing of the walls.

After that I started to make the wooden floor, using kits to create the parquet and borders.

Next was the ceiling,  of course I decorated that too.  Using thread to create the lines and after painting  it, it looks just great.
 I am still planning to make a  ceiling painting .




The mirrors and the large  picture frame are hand made by me.

The chairs in the windows are  inexpensive  Bespaq chairs. I used gold leaf
to gild them and they are re-upholstered  with the same silk brocade as the curtains, also made by me.
The white chair  was a kit, gilded and upholstered by me.

The gilt settee and footstools by John Hodgson.



These  two pieces of art are hand made
by Stephan Wein, Goldsmith.
The pieces are gilded bronze.



My room was used as background for a very special project by a creative group of enthousiasts from Moscow:
A slide-film by Itein Morrigan "The Phantom of the Opera"
I am very proud that my miniature room was used like it was a real room!

I am still collecting miniatures for this room,  so keep looking because I will put new pictures on  soon!

last update: 12 september 2010

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