The Wizard is an OOAK sculpture made from polymer clay.
No molds were used and no molds were taken.

He stands  5 1/2  inch tall

The wizard is an old man, with a lot of experience. But even he has to look something up in books as his memory is starting to fade sometimes.
Then he also needs his glasses.

The costume is made from creme-colored silk, with a cottonvest.

He wears a ring on two fingers, they are "silver" and they both have a crystal.


Around his waist he has some keys hanging on a chord. I wonder what he is keeping that needs to be locked up ...

His hair is Tibetan Lamb hair.

His white boots are made of leather

This wizard is made

The new owner made this picture...his book on a stand and old scrolls on the table...

...and here in his new home surrounded by his wizardry stuff...