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Feedback from a costumer

Whenever I send a doll to the new owner they get back to me after the doll arrived. Of course to let me know that the doll arrived safely but also to tell me what they think when they see the doll in real life.

I just wanted to share a comment that was so sweet and kind:

My dearest Annemarie, what can I say? When I had carefully unwrapped her I just sat there with my mouth open, honestly. I'm in complete awe. No words can express how much I love her. She is wonderful, incredible, fantastic, exquisite, marvellous, stunning - just beyond beautiful! You are the most gifted and talented doll artist in the whole world! And I mean it! She is so elegant and sophisticated, you did such intricate painting, stitching and draping - you are a true artist and you definitely must have magic hands to create such a piece of art and I'm in sincere admiration. I can't thank you enough for having jumped into the challenge and having created her for me, and I'm so happy you enjoyed creating her, too.

I think you can see why I wanted to share :-))

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