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Happy New Year!

 I am proud  to introduce to you my Special Edition Doll 2019


This beautiful blue eyed lady is dressed in a winterly visiting dress. Perfect for a New Years Party.


She wears a silk brocade skirt and an ice blue silk bustle overskirt and bodice  decorated with feathers and antique lace. 

Around her neck she wears a pearl necklace with a Swarovski stone and matching bracelet and rings. In her hair pearls are braided and she wears a pretty hair-corsage. her shoes are silk with leather soles and faux fur.

She can stand on her own but as always she will come with a doll-stand for stability  and a COA. Her fan is included.

She is a porcelain cast from my "Cornelia" mold, china painted in 6 layers to achieve her delicate features.


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