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Marley  is a lovely 1904 lady, dressed in a black silk, high raised skirt and  lace with pearls blouse. She holds the side of the skirt to give it movement.


The front of her skirt has an embroidery along the edge and the at the back the skirt widens into a flow. The lace of her petticoat peeps out under the skirt.

The blouse is off-white cotton lace, with pearls and wide sleeves. Over that she wears a delicate black lace overlay. 


In the centre of her blouse she wears a brooch with a Swarovski stone. Pearl drop earrings in her ears.


With her matching hat and parasol she is ready to go out for a walk.


She is an One-of-a-Kind sculpture from polymer clay, painted with heat set oil paint.

Below her leather with lace heeled shoes.

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